Virtual Traffic Stop
You don't need it, until you need it

What is the Virtual Traffic Stop?

The Virtual Traffic Stop is an app designed to keep all people safe during a routine traffic stop. It is a de-escalation tool designed to reduce tensions between drivers and law enforcement.

How does the virtual traffic stop work?

Download the app from the app store on your mobile phone. When you setup your virtual traffic stop account, you will be able to start a virtual traffic stop when you are pulled over by the police. The police officer will see your vehicle on their computer and select your vehicle for the virtual traffic stop. This will start a video conference between the officer, you and your third parties. The officer will ask you questions and you can talk to the officer as well. If the officer needs to approach your vehicle, the officer, or you (the driver), can end the virtual traffic stop. This will reduce tension and any misunderstandings prior to the officer approaching the vehicle making everyone safer.

How do I get the virtual traffic stop?

What does it cost?

The virtual traffic stop is free for drivers

How do law enforcement agencies get it?

If your local or state law enforcement agency is interested in the virtual traffic stop, have them contact us at